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Print Audits

It's not uncommon for a business not to know exactly how much they spend on their printing. Print costs can easily run out of control, especially if your business is running multiple print devices with a print management system in place.

Our managed print solutions can help you control your printing costs, and the first step in the cost-saving process is a print audit.

Our print audit includes:

  • Equipment profiling
  • Financial analysis
  • Review of service and maintenance arrangements
  • Review additional benefits of Secure Printing and Document Management

From the result of the assessment, we can tailor a unique solution to solve your business problems and implement a print strategy that allows you more control over your print costs.

Giving you more control

Our aim is to give you more visibility and control over your printing. Print audits can enable you to save money and also boost productivity, improve document security and increase environmental sustainability.

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